The Bicycling Baron

The Weird and Wonderful Story of a Fabulously Useful and Utterly Amazing Invention!

How the bicycle was invented. A picture book.

By Uwe Mayer

The Bicycling Baron. Cover

Stiftung Buchkunst,

Long List 2019:

„Most Beautiful German Books"

About this book

This story begins with a gigantic bang! ... It is the unbelievable (but totally true) story of the invention of the best vehicle in the world: the bicycle.


A light-hearted account of Baron Drais´s fabulous & fun invention.


Due to a climate crisis in the early 19th century - caused by a massive volcanic eruption - times were hard and food was scarce. There was not enough for people and even less for horses. Weak horses became another problem: transport depended on the horse.


Baron Drais was not happy with this situation! So, he set out to invent a vehicle that would "not run on oats" and in 1817 he came up with the bicycle.


But just what sparked his idea?

And where did it all go from there?


Here you'll find out! And lots more besides ... about the history of the cleanest, healthiest and most environment-friendly vehicle ever invented!


Illustrated and written with warmth and humour by Uwe Mayer.


For children from 5 years of age, for all young-hearted readers ... and for all cyclists of (or in) any shape or form.


Prizes & Nominations

Chosen by Stiftung Buchkunst,

for the Long List 2019:

„Most Beautiful German Books"


Winner of the “200 years bicycle“ competition by the State of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

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(German edition)

52 pages. 27 x 23,6 cm. Hardback.

FSC-certified paper. Carbon neutral printed in Germany.


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